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All the fun of fantasy sports without the complexity. No diving into player stats. No choosing lineups. Just the fun stuff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are you different to other fantasy sports sites?
Picking lineups, dealing with salary caps, knowing who is injured is tedious work! We remove all of that and focus only on the fun aspects of fantasy sports.
2. So, what are the fun aspects?
We're glad you asked! Pick your sport, pick a competition, and just select the winners. Then watch and root for your teams! No complicated lineup selection required!
3. What other games do you have?
Currently, we have pick 'em and score beaters. You can create your own private competitions or join one of our monster games.
4. I'm still not convinced.
Just sign up for a risk-free account. You can start playing for free. No deposit required!
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